My top meals for weight loss

Saturday, November 09, 2019
Chicken, breaded chicken, white rice, brown rice, and vegetable soup
I get a lot of questions about what I eat for weight loss. And the truth is, I eat the same meals all the time because I’m a creature of habit. I do between 1450 and 1500 calories a day, whether I work out or not.

These are the meals I have Monday to Friday. I eat everything, and don't count macros, just calories. On the weekends, I'm less strict with what I eat (It's currently Saturday and I'm about to eat some fried rice, YUM!) but I still watch my calories. However, weekend meals are not cheat meals. They are just different meals. All the meals below are meals I truly enjoy eating, but I have found a balance between healthy and tasty. I practice: Healthi-er, not healthy. I thought I would put them all together here. Please know that just because I buy a product from a store you don’t have access to, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a product similar to it out there. These won’t be recipes, as I don’t have recipes, but just general ideas of my meals. Season to taste.

Breakfast ideas:

-1 scrambled egg (Cooked with avocado oil spray) mixed with bit of ham, 1 wheat toast with light butter, fruit (berries, blueberries, etc), and drinkable yogurt or coffee, or sometimes green juice (I buy my green juice ready from a vegan store).
- Egg salad wrap (Boiled egg, mixed with light mayo and either ham or bacon). Crepini’s egg thins for wraps, or a pita pocket bread. Then a banana, and unsweetened almond milk.
- Chicken salad wrap. (Boiled chicken mixed with light mayo). Crepini’s egg thins for wrap, or pita pocket bread.
- Breakfast in a rush: Almond milk, coffee OR drinkable yogurt, a banana, and a built bar.
Find a brand you like, and measure according to how many calories you permit yourself.

Crepini Egg Thins
Avocado Oil Spray
Drinkable Yogurt
Smart Pockets
Almond Milk
Built Bars

Lunch ideas:

-Trader Joe’s stir fry cauliflower rice with chicken, adding extra peas, corn, and kale. Seasoned with garlic powders, Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning and oregano.
-Trader Joe’s stir fry cauliflower rice with chicken. Seasoned with soy sauce.
(Cauliflower rice measure: One cup mixed with chicken)
-Trader Joe’s carrot spirals with Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.
-Bowl of salad: tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, shredded cheese and salsa dressing (Preferably from Chicken Kitchen)
-Half breaded chicken with 1/2 cup of rice.

Trader Joe's Cauliflower rice
Trader Joe's Carrot spirals
My nephew says: ['][frweo8*(°&(8u7-0p--------pp-

 Dinner ideas:

-Half of Amy’s Margherita Pizza, adding condiments like salt and pepper.
-Breaded chicken with brown rice, or tomato salad (made with 1 tomato, garlic paste, olive oil and one lime)
 -Subway’s Tuna Salad (Just tuna, lettuce, and shredded cheese. No dressing because the Tuna already has mayo)
-Turkey sandwich with provolone cheese, boiled egg, lettuce and tomato.
-Breaded chicken wrap with lettuce and tomato.
-Anything else with the remaining of my calories.

Amy's pizza

-Built Bars in either Peanut Butter or Coconut. I’m not diggin’ the other flavors as much lately. Pretty hooked on the Peanut Butter flavor nowadays.

-Halo Top Ice cream
-Rebel Ice Cream

Halo top ice cream

The measurements of these meals are based on my calories and hunger. Sometimes I’ll have more cauliflower rice for lunch, and less dinner. It just depends on how my day is going and what has been working for me that day. If I eat an egg at night, then I don't add a boiled egg to my turkey sandwich later on. If I have white rice for lunch, I don't have white rice for dinner. I also try to have one of my snacks before I work out, either a banana or a protein bar.

Be kind to people :)


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